Battle of Crooked Billet
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Premiere Photos Courtesy of Vera LaMarche

On November 11, Veterans Day, Arrival Video Productions premiered the documentary film The Battle of The Crooked Billet.

The premiere was held in Valley Forge National Park with 200 guest. The night was kicked off with an honor guard from the United States Army.

From the Premiere Program - r. Rick Lombardi, James Wright, Scott Randolph

The story of The Battle of Crooked Billet has been with me my entire life. In the 3rd grade I was one of two students to place the wreath at the monument for Crooked Billet Day. What a thrill it is to bring this story to life. This project never would have happened if it weren't for the help of many people, volunteering their time and donating their services. I appreciate everyone who got involved and gave up their time for this project, especially Denis, Anita, Dominick and Trey. I am grateful for my old Elementary School that every May 1st, rain or sunshine, without fail, they celebrate the men who served. It is our hope that after viewing this film there will be a greater appreciation for this historic event.

Scott Randolph
Director & Executive Producer

This whole "Battle of the Crooked Billet" experience has rekindled my passion for history and has inspired me to further seek out more of it right here in our own Philadelphia backyard. While learning about the battle from interviewing the historians, I realized how misunderstood this battle truly is. One of the goals of this production was to present the facts from this battle and dispel rumors, misguided folklore, and opinions surrounding this local historical event. It is time to tell the true story! Brave men fought and died here right in Montgomery and Bucks County. Their legacy lives on in us and deserves to be honored with the highest levels of dignity and respect. A special thanks goes out to the incredibly talented cast and crew who made this project fun, educational, and most of all enlightening. We have been truly blessed on this production and it is my wish that this film will inspire others to seek out their own history in their backyard

Trey Crease
Writer & Executive Producer

It has been a great honor and a pleasure to make available ten years of my own research to help bring the Battle of the Crooked Billet to life. My own study began with a Bucks County "Highway of History" sign that pointed to nowhere, and was egged on by an overheard conversation between two gentlemen mocking the fact it was called a battle. The film emphasizes the division in our community that occurred, those for independence, those against, and those who sided with neither. I would like to thank Anita for her love and support and for keeping my growing impatience and opinions, in check. I would like to thank Dominick for all his help rallying the troops, getting the uniforms, and making those awesome dragoon helmets! Thanks to the Crossing Community Church for their British uniforms. Also, thanks to all the men, women, and children re-enactors who volunteered their time and supplies. A special thank-you to Scott, Trey, Jen, & Crew, you are all a very talented bunch. Hopefully, this will impact the Philadelphia community for years to come, and inspire a love of history in others so that future generations would come to know and appreciate something of our past.

Denis J. Cooke
Writer & Co-Executive Producer r. Matt DiIorio, Dominick DiIorio
What a marvelous journey this documentary has been for me. Scott Randolph's vision and passion to tell the story of the Battle of Crooked Billet led us down a road of discovery into the lives and sacrifices of ordinary people who took extraordinary action to secure their rights and liberties, along with Denis Cooke, Anita Fleck, Trey Crease and many others. We have been able to tell a visual story of past relatives and neighbors and to look into their character. As a person having participated in reenacting Revolutionary War as a Philadelphia Associator and also as a member of the 5th Pennsylvania Regiment for more than 21 years and teaching children throughout the region in assembly programs, I would hope that this film would be used as a teaching tool to inspire and keep the legacy of these past heroes alive.

Dominick Dilorio
Producer & Reenactment Coordinator

Scott first approached me about this project in 2007, and I've never seen anyone more excited to tell a story. That enthusiasm was contagious and soon I too, was caught up in the legacy of General Lacey and the Battle of the Crooked Billet. I was surprised to find these events happened in Pennsylvania, where I live, and yet it was new information for me. This is a story that deserves to be told. The film has been years in the making and I am so thrilled we finally get to share it. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Scott, Trey, Denis, Anita, Dominick and all the cast and crew. It's staggering to think of the sacrifices people made during the American Revolution. This experience has given me a deeper respect for the men and women who fought for our freedom.

Jen Boyett

Premiere Photos Courtesy of Vera LaMarche
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